Ken and Lewana
I  wanted to let you know what a great experience we had purchasing our German Shepherd puppies from your kennel. I started looking for a male German Shepherd just about 2 years ago I interviewed many breeders (not all knew I was interviewing) I have been in German Shepherds for over 50 years and have shown/bred and trained German Shepherds so I knew what I was looking for in a puppy.
I spoke with Ken many times and found he has strong ethics concerning his dogs. I continued to keep in touch even though he had a couple of litters it just didn't work out. Other people had put deposits on their puppy first so I had to wait. Then I got the chance of a life time to purchase a World Seiger son. Then the decision was made to also purchase one of Ken's dogs from his sire  Fimo who is a V8. He has 3 girls and their pedigrees are also impressive.
We finally were able to pick up our puppies on September 12,2015. I drove from Minnesota to Indiana because I wanted to see the dogs and the place they were coming from. I was impressed with how clean the kennels were and how well behaved the dogs were. This is NOT a big kennel rather it is a quality kennel. You can purchase your puppy on line knowing you are getting one of the best puppies out there. They are honest and caring people, they do the best for their dogs 
However please be patient because his puppies are sold quickly and usually before they are even born. I placed my deposit on them as soon as the breeding was confirmed.
Sharon Beaman

We could not be happier with our new baby we bought from you that we named Turbo. He is awesome. Has been with us just 1 week today. So very smart. Knows his name which is Turbo and knows what no bite means as he loved my pajama pants and slippers. He also learned in just one week what come means. He sits on command and stays. What a great baby. We could not be happier. We are now working on down and shake. Doing great with kennel training. After losing both our older Shephards this year. He certainly has helped to fill the void. Cannot thank you both so much.
Most sincerely
Julie Huffer  11/2016

                                                                           Shiloh Von Prairie Haus

My journey to find the "perfect" German Shepherd ended at Prairie Haus Kennels.  Last April, I purchased Hildegard Von Prairie Haus from Ken and Lewana Uselton.  I tried to research German Shepherds to the fullest before I purchased one.  During this search, I met a lot of "backyard breeders" and breeders who had very little information to offer me.  However, Ken and Lewana answered every question and concern I had.  I went to see the puppies and before I ever saw them I saw her parents.  This was an amazing experience for me.  These dogs had unbelievable discipline and a great work ethic.  I knew from the start of my visit that this is where I would be purchasing my pup.  "Shiloh" is now almost one year old and the greatest addition to my family.  I am 24 years old and single, but she is the greatest companion I know.  She is a very intelligent, caring, and noble German Shepherd.  She was very easy to train and could be walked in a crowded neighborhood without a leash.  She is excellent around kids, but still has the look and presence of a guard dog that strangers would not want to challenge.  I cannot say enough about Ken and Lewana and the operation that they run.  It is a great environment that is full of great dogs.  They have been very helpful to me whenever I have any kind of question about Shiloh.  They respond to every e-mail within one day and I take all their advice to the bank.  Thank you Prairie Haus Kennels for blessing me with Shiloh.  She is an all-around great German Shepherd

Ken and Lewana,
Meg and I want to express our thanks to both of the additions to our family. I am going tell our story and please feel free to post this as you please.
My wife and I wanted a German Shepherd as both of us grew up with German dogs. I looked across the country and interviewed many breeders until I found Ken. After the initial phone call we agreed to meet so I could checkout his operation. Upon arrival, Ken actually interviewed me, in a very caring way and concern for his dogs future. We look around and we were very pleased with the care and quality of his breed. At that point we committed to a male pup.
For anyone concerned about Ken and Lewana’s commitment to guarantee their dogs. I can say without question they will stand behind that guarantee. We had an issue with our litter and Ken quickly called to let us know the situation. Ken pushed me to wait for the next litter, because we had committed to the pick male. Ken's prize female, Pula and our pups mother, was injured during the litter. My wife and I decided to follow through with our litter anyway and took a smaller male home. Ken called almost every day with concern for the health and quality of his pup. Let’s just say, after a period of time for a small pup we are VERY lucky to have the exact dog we wanted . His name is Titan. He came through like a champ and is a very beautiful male. Through all of the early days, Ken would have done want ever we wanted to insure our satisfaction.
We all became good friends and I called Ken daily with questions. He was never short and always took time to help us with anything we needed. As a result, Titan will do and has done everything asked of him.
The end of this story came 4 months ago when we got a call from Ken telling me he had to retire Pula, Titans mother. He asked if I would be interested, without question we said yes! She is the sweetest, most intelligent female dog we have ever been around.
We are blessed to have two of the most beautiful Germans around! Ken and Lewana, if you ever need anything just call!
John & Meg Watson Chicago, IL

We could give you a million reasons to choose Prairie Haus Kennels, but let's have our customers tell the story......

Prairie Haus Kennels

Owner/Operator Ken Uselton & Lewana Uselton

3259 S State Rd 39

Frankfort, In. 46041


Prairie Haus Kennels
Ken & Lewana Uselton
3259 S State Rd 39 Frankfort, IN 46041

My family and I purchased a puppy from Ken and Lewana Uselton about two years ago. We had owned many purebred dogs over the years and have dealt with all kinds of breeders. We were very impressed with the cleanliness and order that we found at Prairie Haus Kennels. The dogs were clean and well maintained and we found no excess of noise at the kennel. We always recommend Ken to people who are interested in a well bred German Shepherd.
Sincerely, Eva Zinsmeister

The following letter is for Prairie Haus Kennels as a testimonial to Ken Uselton and his wife Lewana's dedication and commitment to their kennel. I began my search for a quality German Shepherd puppy 2 years ago, and did all research necessary to find the "right" dog for me. I found Prairie Haus Kennels via the Internet and made an appointment to visit the Useltons and tour their kennels, at the time located just outside of Brookston. Upon arrival I was very impressed by the cleanliness and set-up of the facility as well as the well mannered nature of the all of the dogs. I, personally, had never been in contact with dogs that were as well trained and obedient as the dogs at Prairie Haus.

It didn't take long for me to decide that they were the breeder for me. Ken and Lewana have been nothing but friendly and helpful ever since my first visit.
Upon relocating to their new facility, they assisted me in training my dog in obedience. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality German Shepherd or Rottweiler. Ken's expertise on dog training and obedience is unrivaled and Lewana's warm and inviting nature will keep me refering them to anyone on the search for a puppy.
Dustin Washington

We picked up our puppy yesterday and couldn't be happier. 
 Prairie Haus Kennel produces some of the best pups you will ever find. They really care about breed standards and making sure they produce the best. I have watched them for the last 10 years wanting one of their dogs and my timing was never right until yesterday. I'm so happy I was able get one from them and the wait was worth it. 
 If you are looking for a GSD the one in the book, the pinnacle of what a GSD should be you know. The way they move, the way they stand, naturally Super intelligent then don't pass them by THIS is the place. With caring owners that breed and place dogs for the love of the breed and not the almighty dollar. 
THANK YOU!   Ken and Lewana

I brought home my first German Shepherd puppy - Hans - from Prairie Haus at the end of August 2017.  
I grew up with Miniature Schnauzers that didn't like to play and barked all the time.  As an adult, I decided that I wanted a "real" dog.  After doing research online, I found Prairie Haus kennels.  I reached out to Ken to discuss available puppies, and was very impressed by the immediate response.
Ken and I then corresponded by email and over the phone, including a half hour phone called where we discussed how this would be my first dog and what I could expect with a Shepherd in terms of temperament and energy. Our conversation also included not only my interest in owning my first dog, but my background as well. I'm a young professional living in Chicago and I wanted to be able to raise the puppy in the city and have a dog that could handle apartment living. 
I then went to visit the kennel where Ken introduced me to the litter of two males and a female.  We also toured the kennel, which I found to be very clean and well maintained; and we met the pups' parents - who were both very beautiful, obedient, and well behaved animals.  We then continued our conversation inside.  A large portion of the conversation was Ken getting to know me and ensuring that I would be a good owner for one of his pups.  From seeing the way he interacts and speaks about his dogs, it's clear that he truly cares about each and every one of them.  Looking back, I think knowing that made me feel confident in going forward.  I made my down payment and scheduled to come back in two weeks to pick up one of the puppies, who Ken picked out. Two weeks later, I left the kennel with Hans. 
Ken took the time to get to know me and learn more about what I was looking for in a dog. He perhaps could pick up on more about what I needed in a Shepherd that I even understood at the time. Hans as a great temperament. He's great with all dogs, big and small, friendly with people, even strangers, and has adjusted well to apartment living.  He's very well liked at the neighborhood dog park; other owners are impressed with his obedience (at such a young age) and his gentleness with small dogs.  He has grown tremendously in the past few month, weighing close to 60 lbs. Raising Hans these past few months has been the most rewarding experience. He is a happy, healthy, intelligent, strong Shepherd and truly my best friend.