The German Shepherd dog stands supreme as the most popular breed worldwide, valued for its intelligence, its distinguished good looks, and its loyal temperament. This noble-looking dog always makes its mark in any ring, and perhaps most importantly, the German Shepherd ranks as a most devoted family companion.

Our German Shepherds are West German imports and we strive to maintain the strict standards that are followed in Germany.  We feel the beauty of the dog is just as important as the performance of the dog.

Because of our high standards, our German Shepherds are suited for show, Schutzhund, police work, search and rescue, and for family pets.  There is no limit to what you can achieve with our dogs.  

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

Prairie Haus Kennels
Ken  Uselton & Lewana Uselton
3259 S State Rd 39 Frankfort, IN 46041

VA1 Kkl1 RON vom Valtenberg 
VA1 IPO 1, IPO 2

​Hip: SV: HD a-normal (a1) - Elbows: SV: HD a-normal (a1)

​🏆 Ron is over 40 times Winner in different exhibitions, incl:
- VA2 ViceSieger : Baltic Sieger show 2017 (judge G. Schwedes)
- VA1 Sieger : Lithuania Sieger show 2016 (judge D. Oeser)
- V1 Show Winner :"Vilnius Cup'17" - Lithuania (judge K. Reisinger)
- SG1 Sieger: Lettland Club Sieger 2015 (judge H.-P. Fetten)
- SG1 Sieger : Latvia Sieger show 2014 (judge Ch. Ludwig)

Prairie Haus Kennels

Owner/Operator Ken Uselton & Lewana Uselton

3259 S State Rd 39

Frankfort, In. 46041


 V Fimo vom Zeltweg

AKC # DN38212301
NHSB 2741395
SchH3  Kkl 1
HD/ED Normal  DM-Clear

Show results
      Date                            Show                                                Judge                Result                  Place
08-01-2010    LG-Zuchtschau Westfalen in Olfen                  H. König              SG/ZG                  13
06-27-2010    LG-Zuchtschau Rheinland-Pfalz in Worms     H. König              SG/ZG                    4
06-13-2010    OG-Zuchtschau Westerkappeln                      B. Norda              SG/ZG                    2
05-16-2010    OG-Zuchtschau Duisburg                                Helmut Buß         SG/ZG                    2
08-15-2009    Siegerschau Nederland                                    L. Nizet                VV/VB/VP               2
08-08-2009    Siegerschau België                                          A. Kartheiser       VV/VB/VP                2