Prairie Haus Kennels
Ken & Lewana Uselton
3259 S State Rd 39 Frankfort, IN 46041
765-427-0449 (Ken)

Prairie Haus Kennels

Owner/Operator Ken Uselton & Lewana Uselton

3259 S State Rd 39

Frankfort, In. 46041


Here at Prairie Haus Kennels we will provide all certificates or documentation on all our dogs.

No matter where you are looking for your next forever companion, We recommend you always insist to see all documentation on the mother and father of any puppy you are interested in.

HD    Hip Dysplasia

ED    Elbow Dysplasia

"a" stamp    Actual stamps applied by the German SV to either the German Pink Papers of a dog or the AKC Certified 4 generation pedigree at the time a dog receives a passing hip and elbow rating. Be sure to ask to see proof of these stamps when purchasing a puppy from any breeder.

“a” 1    HD normal - the best hip or elbow rating possible from the German SV

“a” 2    HD fast normal - near normal - rating given to hips and/or elbows
“a” 3    HD noch zugelassen - NOT acceptable for breeding - rating given to hips and/or elbows

"a"-Ausland    HD certification was passed in another country rather than Germany.

OFA    Orthopedic Foundation for Animals - an organization in the USA that researches HD and other health problems and certifies hips and elbows for animals with the ratings of EXCELLENT, GOOD or FAIR.

DM    Degenerative Myelopathy - Degenerative Myelopathy is a devastating disease causing progressive paralysis in a large number of dog breeds. New research has identified a gene that is associated with a major increase in risk of the disease.

    German Commands    
English                      German
Heel                                     Fuss (Fooss)

Sit                                        Sitz
Stay                                     Bleib
Down                                   Platz
Come                                  Hier
Stand                                  Steh (Shtay)
Retrieve/Fetch                   Bring (Brrring)
Jump                                   Hop
Go Out                                Voraus
Track                                   Such (Suuk)
Guard                                  Pass auf
Bite                                      Packen, stell
Out/Let Go                          Aus (Ows)
Speak/Bark                         Gib laut (Geblout)
Blind Search                       Voran or Revier
Kennel                                Zwinger