So your 90% convinced a German Shepherd is the dog for you? Let us give you our impression of the German Shepherd based on our knowledge and experience.
The well bred German Shepherd is a highly intelligent breed with loyalty second to none. As a pup they are eager to please and willing to learn. As a companion dog they will blend in to any family, becoming part of the family. But because of such high intelligence there comes a time when they need rules to live by. Ground rules must be established early on as to avoid problems later. For example chairs and beds are for humans and the crate and floor is where they belong. Rules must be made clear....

Over the years we have read many books on training. One we highly recommend is

Dog Training with the Touch by Tom Rose

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Prairie Haus Kennels

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Quina V. Haus Froehli


DM  Clear, HD "A" Normal,  ED Normal

SG1 Sila Good Team Loznica

​Hip: FCI: A 1/2 () - Elbows: FCI: A 1/2 ()